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Who we are

More than 90% of world trade travels by sea. Yet until now, governments have been left in the dark as to what goes on once a ship enters or leaves their waters. Detecting threats, such as terrorism, or the trafficking of arms, people and drugs, usually happens only after they’ve materialised. OTS is changing this. By harnessing
the power of satellite technology and artificial intelligence, OTS provides law enforcement and intel agencies with actionable insights into the dangers they face. It’s like an early warning system for governments, giving them the unique, accurate and timely information they need to tackle any maritime threat.

Our Technology

OTS is a unique intelligence analysis system providing deep insights into the maritime domain. It analyzes hundreds of millions of data points to create leads on targets that would otherwise be missed, and to uncover hidden connections between ships. It also provides
intuitive tools to access and analyze reliable and relevant data about the activity patterns of ships, fleets, companies and maritime areas worldwide. The system supports all-source analysis by generating strategic, operational and tactical intelligence.

Analysis Capabilities


Map routine activities and define risk profiles to detect deviations from activity patterns.


Monitor vessels, areas and activities of interest to detect changes, trends and anomalies.


Quickly and effectively assess vessels, fleets, areas, trends and patterns of interest.


Automatically screen all ships and activities to identify suspicious vessels.

Our Technology

Authenticated Information

Worldwide, historical and real-time data, readily available for any querying and analysis needs.

Improved Usability

Support operations and inter-agency collaboration through declassification of information sources.

Resource Flexibility

Better allocate analysis resources through immediate understanding of patterns for areas and vessels.

Smart Data

Enriched with domain expertise to empower analysts in their daily tasks without the need for prior knowledge.

Dedicated Analysis Tools

Quickly and easily distill relevant information according to your interests; map areas, monitor patterns, discover deviations and investigate entities.

Integratable Outputs

Supports integration with existing internal systems through exporting and reporting tools, enabling instant extraction of data from the system.